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Upper Crossed Syndrome

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The medical condition in which the muscles in the neck, shoulder, and chest are deformed, commonly due to poor posture, is called the Upper Crossed Syndrome. The muscle groups affected most will be the levator scapula and upper trapezius. They start to be overactive and, therefore, strained. This situation gets its labels from the X design, which grows when these overactive and underactive muscles overlap. Our massage Willow Grove therapist at Stevenson Therapeutic Massage will work diligently to solve every one of our patients’ muscular problems, which must also lower or even eliminate their Upper Crossed Syndrome symptoms. Our therapist, Steve, will assess each patient and their symptoms to develop a customized Upper Crossed Syndrome treatment plan. 

However, you have to acknowledge that Upper Crossed Syndrome symptoms accumulate over a short time, and so may take a little time to fix. In conjunction with the soft tissue intervention supplied by a massage Willow Grove PA, the energy to improve this is worth it for you in the long term! Overall, probably the best advice we can provide you with is remembering what your mom said and sitting up straight! Repetitive motions that generate muscle tightness in the front side of the entire body (like cycling, with its bent arm position) can develop a concurrent weak point on top of the back. This imbalance can result in neck and back pain and decreased mobility within the rotator cuff. 

Probably the most identifiable symptom of the state is “poking chin.” Athletes could be particularly prone to Upper Crossed Syndrome if measures have not been brought to keep the balance between interdependent groups of muscles on the body’s back and front. Poor posture, provoked by a lot of working hours seated before a computer, can indicate that you have UCS. Book an appointment today to get ahead of the problem.

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Our massage Willow Grove therapist involved in UCS treatment could assemble a personalized system of evidence-based Upper Crossed Syndrome treatment to help you overcome the problem. A complete collection of therapeutic services provided by our massage Willow Grove PA experts. Our professional therapist will create an integrated and detailed solution to Upper Crossed Syndrome. Each person differs. 

At Stevenson Therapeutic Massage, we understand this. That is why our massage in Willow Grove PA therapist, Steve, assembles the most helpful Upper Crossed Syndrome treatment plan depending on your pain level, other factors, and fitness. Steve has a healthy, evidence-based view with regards to managing Upper Crossed Syndrome. At Stevenson Therapeutic Massage, we take a conventional massage in Willow Grove PA strategy that delivers exceptional results for our people. Our therapist engages realistically, providing you therapeutic excellence resulting from years of experience.

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